Membership Overview

Kinaway memberships provide Aboriginal business owners, Entrepreneurs, corporate Victoria, government and non-governmental organisations with a platform to work together towards the imperative economic empowerment and development of Aboriginal Businesses and their communities.

This Platform is based on a “business is business” principle where Kinaway‘s aim is to:

  • collectively advocate for and represent the interests of all Victorian Aboriginal businesses and Entrepreneurs at state and national levels
  • Provide practical advice and tactical support to Aboriginal Businesses, Aboriginal entrepreneurs and clients through business coaching and development services tailored to support their businesses to maintain and achieve financial viability and growth.
  • Develop into a busy, diverse and vibrant Victorian Aboriginal commercial hub with strong links to all markets: local and International, maximizing integration and participation of Aboriginal businesses and Entrepreneurs.

Membership to Kinaway has some of the following projected benefits:

  • Membership to the first Victorian Aboriginal Chamber of Commerce;
  • Access to policy and representation directly to government influencing a business environment conducive to business growth and sustainability;
  • Providing guidance and support for Government procurement
  • Providing a single source of Victoria’s Aboriginal businesses through a fully searchable online database
  • Providing a series of supports and programs to build the capability of Aboriginal businesses and entrepeneurs
  • Invitations to a robust calendar of events promoting networking and information sharing between businesses
  • Access to Kinaway partner programs and new services on member discounted rates;
  • Participation in the Aboriginal Economic development focus central to Kinaway’s Industry development and business service activities;
  • International trade opportunities; and
  • Access to training and development activities culturally tailored for Aboriginal business owners and entrepreneurs.

Who can become a member?

Any organisation involved in trade can be a member, please click here to choose which membership investment best serves your organisation’s needs

How do I apply?

Kinaway membership is accessible and easy to apply for, if you know which membership you would like to invest in, please click here to select the membership application form.

To apply for Kinaway Membership and request more information, please click here.