Kinaway has been tasked to provide the eight following services;

1. Establish the Aboriginal Business Support Network (ABSN) and develop a strategy to connect and facilitate business owners to the right support services.

2. Work with the Finance Sector to develop and promote finance products that better target the Aboriginal business sector.

3. Through data and analysis, develop a comprehensive picture of the Victorian Aboriginal business sector.

4. Establish a comprehensive online database of Victorian Aboriginal businesses.

5. Establish a partnership with the corporate sector to support Aboriginal businesses to engage with corporates regarding private sector procurement opportunities. The partnership will include a mentoring program and an annual Private Sector Procurement forum, to enable the sharing of best practice.

6. Establish partnerships with Aboriginal peak bodies and the higher education sector to strengthen investment and innovation in high growth sectors to support economic opportunities for Aboriginal businesses, including TOCs.

7. Kinaway to work with the Aboriginal Chamber of Commerce to establish a central advisory hub for corporates wishing to engage with Aboriginal businesses. This will facilitate access to support such as mentoring, scholarships, microfinance, pro-bono hours and private investment. This work will also support businesses to progress opportunities that are unique to regional areas.

8. Partner with peak Aboriginal organisations, such as the Federation of Victorian Traditional Owner Corporations, to undertake targeted networking activities, including themed events (e.g. procurement), industry based events (e.g. land-based businesses) and purposeful opportunities to meet with non-Aboriginal businesses.